What Psychometric Tests are?

The word psychometric is formed from the Greek words which related to  mental and measurement. Psychometric tests use to  measure mental ability and personality. You mostly heard this test recruitment and Selection process This help in electing the most suitable job applicants or candidates for organization.

These tests aim to measure qualities like intelligence, aptitude and personality

There are two main types of psychometric tests:

1.Ability Tests:  Measure your ability to perform or carry out different tasks.

2.Personality Questionnaires: Measure your way of doing things, and specifically the way you interact with your environment and other people.

Aptitude Tests: Aptitude and ability tests are designed to assess your logical reasoning or thinking performance.

It consists of ..

A. Verbal Ability: These is used to identify the ability to spell words correctly using correct grammar, understand analogies and follow detailed written instructions

B. Numeric Ability: This is based on arithmetic, number sequences and simple mathematics.

C. Abstract Reasoning: This is based on Diagrams where need to identify the underlying logic of given patterns.

D. Spatial Reasoning: These tests is based on visualization to manipulate shapes in two dimensions or to visualize three-dimensional objects presented as two-dimensional pictures.

E. Mechanical Reasoning These tests are based on designed to get knowledge of physical and mechanical principles.

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