What HR Should Aspire to Be?

This is vey important question

As you know

Organisations are considered as a living entity.

And all leavings things are consist of two major element which is Head and Heart.
For an organisation the business leader is the Head of the organisation and HR leader is the Heart of the Organisation.

To make a perfect balance in the organisation there is only possible way which is to make perfect rhythm in work of Head and Heart which is Business leader and HR leader.

HR has strategic role or you can say it is two party games.

For example the main objectives of Business leader is to maximize the profit and HR leader will be well accepted if HR leader can convince the Business leader the way of managing people that will add value to the productivity of organisation.

Here is the Six qualities For HR leaders as a strategic partner

  1. Clarity of thought and sense of direction
    HR leaders must should be see the bigger picture and should work as one of the vital part as a growth engine for the organisation.
  2. Business Acumen
    HR busines leader need keen awareness of How to enhance the profitability and then executing the strategy to deliver the desired result.
  3. Patience
    Every business goes with three stages which is Vision patience and execution.
    And believed patience stage is toughest stage.
  4. Fairness
    In this global economy always, some dilemmas creates among the Businees and HR leaders so there should be always fairness specially where decision in unfair practices
  5. Self- Discipline
    HR leaders normally confronted with situation requiring negotiation.
    And as you self control or self discipline is essential for negotiation .
  6. Risk Taking ability
    Risk taking is an integral part of life and in HR prospective HR leaders have to take calculated risks in dealing with people.

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