Repeated or Duplicate Value in Ms Excel

Hi, Friends in our day-to-day office work irrespective we work with HR, Accounts, MIS, or in any other domain we frequently got some Ms Excel data where we need a specific task to find out the duplicate or repeated value.

This function will make your life easy and avoid any mistakes which occur due to the replication of data

So here we have come with the solution in a very easy and simple step. Here I have taken a data which contain the list of employee code which repeated or duplicate values.

Now here we can find out the repeated or duplicate value by two methods.

  1. By using Countif function
  2. By using Conditional formatting.
  1. By Countif: –  Firstly we need to select type countif function then need to select the range of data then select the criteria.

Here you will get the result which shows you the number of repeated values i.e. how much time that specific value is present in the list.

As result, here you can see that some value is repeated 3 times some 2 times.

I am scrolling down so that we can view all values ok let me highlight this repeated values.

  1. By Conditional Formatting: – The conditional formatting has vast used in multiple conditions, here we learn to how to find repeated value.

Firstly, we need to go to Excel Home Tab then go the New Rule

Then below window will appear You need to select “Format only unique or Duplicate values” and complete the steps.

We will share you the YouTube link soon.

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