Remote work

Many organizations had already started to shift to more remote work in recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic made flexible work environment as per the necessity. The facility of working from home has been an adjustment for companies and employees alike, but many people enjoy the flexibility. However, remote work can introduce challenges that organizations may need to overcome, such as 

2.Less team cohesion and collaboration
3.Technology shortfalls.

Going forward, HR departments that have relied on face-to-face recruiting and onboarding will need to find solutions to work effectively as more organizations embrace remote work after the pandemic.

You’ll want to double down on making sure employees feel connected, even if it’s virtually. Try incorporating events you would have in-person and transition them to the virtual world. Let’s say you had office happy hours every other Friday. Do the happy hours via Team call. Furthermore, set your employees up for success by offering them a budget for a work-from-home office setup.

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