Maternity Benefit Act 1961

There are many labour laws for employer and today we will be discussed about the Maternity Benefit Act 1961.

Below is the certain point which must need to take care by employer

  1. Employer can not force a woman employee to report the work during the 8th month of pregnancy.
  2. If she is requested for lighter work for avoid discomfort or harmful to her health during her pregnancy, then employer
  3. cannot assign her any heavy work.
  4. Employer can not deduct her salary for her nursing breaks, leave on account of miscarriage etc
  5. Employer must should display the abstract of the Act in from 9
  6. Employer should maintain her
  • Muster Roll
  • Maternity Benefit Register
  • Annual Returns

7. Employer cannot dismiss a women employee if she is on leave or absence during her pregnancy, Delivery or miscarriage or illness (Pregnancy)

8. Employer cannot change or modify any condition of services considering the maternity ground.

9.Employer should provide the below benefits

  • Maternity Leave (12 Weeks)
  • Six week leaves for miscarriage
  • Two week leave for Tubectomy operation
  • One month leave if she feels illness due pregnancy.
  • Nursing breaks

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