How to Prepare Resume, Bio-Data and CV

Difference among Resume, Bio-Data and CV

If you are confused in CV, Resume and Bio- Data in your daily life.

Here you are on the right platform to know the exact difference between Resume, CV and Bio-Data. Also you will know some important tips to prepare your resume for the perfect Job, Many people are confused that what exactly mean of Bio-Data and Resume.

If you are going to get a job the very first step is how is your resumes is going to be and once your resumed get selected then you will be call for interview.HR will call you after screening your resume for interview schedule.

So here in the Resume you should provide your Educational qualification and skills in short. But in CV your have provide your educational qualification and skills in details.

Let us understand the exact difference of CV, Resume and Bio-Data

1.Bio-Data : Bio-Data stands for Biographical Data it contains personal information like marital status, date of Birth, Gender, Religion. In India people used to share Bio-Data before marriage to provide the information to the beneficiary and in the Job it is used for mostly Government Job application.

2. Resume : A resume contain short information about you because when you send a resume for any job they give a bird eye and extract the short information about you but if you think this any such information which can add value for the job then please mention it.

3.C.V : Curriculum vitae is Latin word which stands Course of Life. This is in more details as compare to Resume. A good CV contains 2-3 pages. In the CV you should mention all your skills, All job with Position, degree, Professional Degree and the challenge you have faces during your previous job and how you successfully handle it.

Some important tips of CV and Resume

1.Keep Simple your Resume write only those things for which you are confident.

2.Start describing your work experience with recent one

3.Alway use active voice in the resume and provide information related to your experience in bullets sign not in paragraphs.

4.Dont use difficult word in the resume.

5. Keep simple your CV in 2 pages of A4 size paper

6.In CV give a short information about your personal details like Mobile number, Name, Email and social media etc.

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