Etds Quaterly Return Conso File request on Traces

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You must heard about the Etds which we do on quarterly basis starting from the Financial year.

Etds is the process to update the etds deductee details on income tax site .it contains employees income and Tds which has been deducted from the salary.

It’s every employer’s duty to file the income tax return on time

You may check here payroll compliance time table as well.

Let’s understand why we need to request for conso file on tracess.

For any changes or correction in Employee income,Tax,PAN correction we need to do revise that return.

For the purpose of revision of particular etds quarter return .we go do the tracess site and login with credential.

Then go to the statement and request tab then select conso request.

Here is the complete process on our youtube channel

Once you raise the request then after few hours it will available in download section.

Here you need to download this requested file.

This requested file is password protected you can’t read this file.

So firstly you need to unprotected file via password (TAN number _request number).

As mentioned above you can’t read this file so make it readable you need to open with RPU or Tax Pro utility which is free available in Income Tax site.

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