5 Vedantic Concept of Personality Development

According to Vedantic Concept advocated by Swami Vivekananda development of personality is possible if we give proper attention to the five-dimension that are involved in forming and developing a human personality.

1.Physical Self

2.Mental Self

3.Energy Self

4.Intellectual Self

5.Blissful Self

1.Physical Self – A healthy mind in healthy body is the principle of the Physical Self. Body building and exercised not only boost the physical growth and strength but also moral strength.

Even Swami Vivekananda stated “ It would be better to play football that to read Gita” it indicates how much important one’s physical health.

2.Energy Self – Without Energy self-nothing can be sustain for long time like regulated systematic breathing brings solace to the mind and it boos the energy.

By the energy self-Feelings of intolerance, impatience, Anger, and anxiety can be effectively can be controlled.

3. Intellectual Self – Human is gifted with intellect or wisdom this gift should be properly cultivated and nurtured.

The intellectual self is stimulated by the reading of books on philosophy, moral science and biography.

4. Mental Self – By nature mind is restless, it wanders here and there and make us deviate from or path.

So grooming the personality full control over the mind is must for everybody. For this calmness of mind and concentration are necessary.

5. Blissful Self – This leads to ultimate success. Neither joys nor sorrow of any kind stand in his way. Failure of success, Bouquets or brickbats do not distract him from carrying on his path.